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There may be no more rewarding moment than when an author or illustrator meets their audience! The Author Experience provides classroom author/illustrator visits to schools working with students and families facing socioeconomic challenges. We partner with each school for three to five years to help cultivate a love of the written word and a celebration of story. And to extend the impact for the children, The Author Experience goes beyond the classroom by facilitating a parent event, as well. Each school visit includes:
  • An author visit to all second-grade classrooms (per year)
  • A signed book by the visiting author
  • A bagful of books for each student, classroom, and the school library
  • A writing notebook and pen
  • Follow-up Skype visits
  • A parent engagement piece (Parents receive a writing notebook too.)
If you are an author or illustrator who enjoys working with students in their classroom and developing a lasting relationship with schools, please fill out the form below. We happily accept book donations and have various ways to recognize your contributions.

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